Accumulated balance Data Model


The schema is part of the Domain


Represents and tracks the aggregated amount remained or owed in certain account which is owned by certain customer for a set of buckets.

Data model

A JSON Schema corresponding to this data model can be found here.

The Data model is defined as shown below:

  • bucket : A reference to the buckets involved in the aggregation

  • Mandatory

  • description : Text describing the contents of the aggregated balance

  • Optional

  • name : Friendly name to identify the aggregated balance

  • Mandatory

  • partyAccount : A reference to the account that owns the buckets aggregated

  • Optional

  • product : A reference to the product whose consumption is managed by the bucket . This is an array to allow scenarios where a buckets are shared between different products

  • Mandatory

  • relatedParty : Used to provide information about any other entity with relation to the balance, for instance to define customer hierarchy for the balance (e.g.: customerId, userId, )

  • Optional

  • totalBalance : Aggregated for a set of prepay balance buckets associated to the product

  • Mandatory

TMForum APIs that use this schema

Taking into consideration the snapshot of 04/02/2020 04:59:16 UTC the list of TMForum Open APIs that uses this schemas is:

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