Partnership Data Model


The schema is part of the Domain


A partnership represents a formalized collaboration between various parties, each party playing a role in the partnership. The parties playing a role in the partnership represented by the Partner entity. The structure of a partnership is specified by a PartnershipSpecification which contain all the information for the setup of the partnership, including the list of identified roles and the agreement that should apply.

Data model

A JSON Schema corresponding to this data model can be found here.

The Data model is defined as shown below:

  • description : An explanatory text regarding this partnership

  • Optional

  • href : The reference url for this partnership

  • Optional

  • id : The identifier of the partnership

  • Optional

  • name : An identifying name for the partnership.

  • Mandatory

  • specification : The specification of this partnership.

  • Mandatory

  • partner : The list of partners of the partnership, where a partner represents a party playing a given role. Hence a partner structure includes primarily a reference to the engaged party and a role name matching necessarily the name of one of the role specifications defined in the specification of the partnership.

  • Optional

TMForum APIs that use this schema

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