Product spec characteristic Data Model


The schema is part of the Domain


A characteristic quality or distinctive feature of a ProductSpecification. The characteristic can be take on a discrete value, such as color, can take on a range of values, (for example, sensitivity of 100-240 mV), or can be derived from a formula (for example, usage time (hrs) = 30 - talk time *3). Certain characteristics, such as color, may be configured during the ordering or some other process.

Data model

A JSON Schema corresponding to this data model can be found here.

The Data model is defined as shown below:

  • configurable : If true, the Boolean indicates that the productSpecCharacteristic is configurable

  • Optional

  • description : A narrative that explains in detail what the productSpecCharacteristic is

  • Optional

  • name : Name of the productSpecCharacteristic

  • Optional

  • validFor : The period for which the productSpecCharacteristic is valid

  • Optional

  • valueType : A kind of value that the characteristic can take on, such as numeric, text and so forth

  • Optional

TMForum APIs that use this schema

Taking into consideration the snapshot of 04/02/2020 04:59:17 UTC the list of TMForum Open APIs that uses this schemas is:

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